Curing disease before symptoms occur

Genomics and Population Health Screening program

Through genetic testing at Geisinger, the Moscone family put high cholesterol on ice.

Donor giving is an important factor in the research and innovation that has become a hallmark of the care provided by Geisinger. One such program is the Genomics and Population Health Screening program, which offers patients genomic testing as a part of routine care, and the possibility of preventing disease rather than simply treating and managing symptoms.

Genetic testing at Geisinger has proven invaluable for the Moscone family of Port Matilda, Pa., when Kenneth Moscone battled high cholesterol. After he experienced a heart attack, his wife Sheila, a cardiac nurse herself, made sure she had their three sons tested as well. That testing revealed that sons Andrew and Michael had familial hypercholesterolemia – a genetic disorder causing high levels of cholesterol that can lead to premature cardiovascular disease. Armed with that information, the family made important lifestyle changes and started the boys on preventative medication.

Today, the whole family is happy and healthy, and have made a gift to Geisinger to help other families just like theirs. Thanks to donor giving, more than $1 million has already been donated to expand the Genomic and Population Health Screening program, helping to make genomic testing routine and accessible for everyone.