Abigail Geisinger Circle

In honor of individuals who have thoughtfully provided for the future of Geisinger in their own estate plans.

Heather and Warren Acker

Mr. William and Mrs. Marion Alexander

Mr. Robert E. Ames

Mr. William D. Beecham

Barbara Walden and Jody Blankenship

Dr. James and Mrs. Judi Brucker

Mr. George R. Burman, Jr.

Dr. Donald J. Egan and Dr. Gillian L. Hollands

Mr. William and Mrs. Joanne Flood

Mr. Darrell and Mrs. Susan Frederick, Jr.

Mr. Richard J. Garbacik

Ms. Linda B. Gearhart

Tom and Cindy Gensemer

Delores and Bruce Goerlitz

Dr. Charles and Mrs. Deloris Grammes

Ms. Victoria Hodrick

Ms. Bonnie L. Johnson

Dr. Frederick and Mrs. Mary Joyce Jones, Jr.

Mr. David and Mrs. Gloria Karchner

Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Kristen Karr

Mrs. Frances K. Kerr

Dr. Carl and Mrs. Susan Konvolinka

Mrs. Anne W. Kostas

Dr. George* and Mrs. Mary Leighow

Dr. James and Mrs. Elizabeth Long

Rev. O. Allen and Mrs. Jean Lumpkin

Dr. Thomas J. Martin and Rev. Dr. Lois D. Martin

John and Susan Mathias

Ms. Susan W. McDowell

Mrs. Marjorie* S. Melamed

Donna* and Terry Messer

Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Angela Miller

Ms. Florence A. Nestarick

Mr. Bruce A. Noga and Ms. Veronica J. Labate

Mr. Stephen P. Poorman and Ms. Pamela Fisher-Poorman

Mrs. M. Dolores Pytko

Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Lucy Rado

Mr. Dale and Mrs. Janet Ranck Jr.

Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Letha Reinheimer, Sr.

Ms. Nancy L. Rizzo

Mr. Thomas F. Roush

Marv and Raven Rudnitsky

Mr. Alfred T. Salvatore, Jr.

Rev. Walter and Mrs. Marian Schell

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Lori Smith

Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Jean* Snowiss

Dr. Gary and Mrs. Sandra Sojka

Miss Mary* E. Spicer

Mrs. Lyn Boocock-Taylor

Mrs. Sri H. Thompson

Ms. Mary M. Tiffin

Mary Kay and Dennis Torretti

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Helen Wagner

Mrs. Joanne H. Wise

Mr. Russell L. Witmer

Mrs. Helene M. Youskites

* Denotes deceased